About Dr. John H. Binkley Jr

For more than 20 years, author, philanthropist, and renowned leadership consultant Dr. John H. Binkley, Jr. has travelled the world, exploring new cultures, embracing new ideas, and experiencing a diverse assortment of intriguing customs. During his more than 100 Christian missions, Dr. Binkley has met, inspired, and been inspired by thousands of unique individuals. His travels have taken him all over Central and Eastern Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and throughout the United States; from the Florida Keys to San Francisco—and everywhere in between!

Born and raised in Live Oak, Florida, Dr. Binkley grew up among a small, faith-oriented community where he learned small-town values, but nevertheless pursued big dreams. He attended Southern Methodist University Edwin L. Cox School of Business, where he explored and developed his fascination for business principles, and cultivated his deepening Christian faith. In fewer than 10 years after graduating, he founded Generational Equity LLC, a Mergers and Acquisitions consultancy that would shortly become one of the most successful middle-market M&A firms in the United States.

Never tiring of either teaching or learning, Dr. Binkley (even after having achieved remarkable professional success) strove to pursue post-graduate studies in Theology. During this time, he was sent on numerous Christian missions with many respected and prolific non-profits and ministries, where he conducted sermons, as well as seminars on leadership and finance. During his missions, he helped plant numerous churches, train local ministers, dig potable water wells, and educate thousands of locals living in some of the world’s poorest villages. He received his Doctorate Degree from Phoenix University of Theology International in 2000, and currently serves there as Chancellor.

When Dr. Binkley isn’t exploring the world and all of its wonders, he lives in Dallas, Texas with his family, and enjoys watching his treasured Texas Longhorns, fishing, and playing golf. He published his book, “Character is King: God’s Destination for You” in 2007, which is currently required reading in Phoenix University of Theology International’s Master’s and Doctorate degree programs.