Respected business leader, philanthropist, and author Dr. John H. Binkley Jr. offers up news, tips, and interesting travel tidbits from around the web.

Travel can be extraordinarily expensive, but it looks like the U.S. dollar is gaining strength, so places that might have been economically prohibitive only a few years ago are now within reach. Here’s a great list of some of the more affordable destinations that are nonetheless fascinating and fun!

Don’t you wish that you could travel for free? Well, this article highlights the critical importance of amassing as many mileage and loyalty points as you possibly can—using some unorthodox methods!

Travelers to South America or the Caribbean still have to be careful about the Zika virus—the disease that has been linked to tragic birth abnormalities.

While it may be impossible to avoid travelling under certain circumstances (emergencies or business), there are certain circumstances where it might pay to cancel travel plans. Here’s a common-sense guide for avoiding travel tragedies.

Expedia and St. Jude Children’s Hospital have partnered to provide sick children with the opportunity to enjoy virtual travel! This technological innovation allows kids to realize their dream of visiting exotic lands.

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Cuba, now might be the time! Not only are travel restrictions being lifted, it’s been estimated that airfare to Cuba could reduce by half.

Although the terror attacks in Brussels might have frightened travelers into canceling their vacation plans, it is still critically important to continue with daily life as best we can. Once we start allowing bloodthirsty terrorists to frighten us into retreating, we’ve completely yielded our human rights.